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Sweat Glistening From a Cold Glass of Water with a Thunderstorm in the Background [May. 31st, 2005|03:11 pm]

No cloud in the sky means me wishing the sky was plastered with dark storm clouds blocking out the opressive sun with rain streaming down putting out the heat on the sweating grass and steaming pavement. Hah with that said here are some tunes I love starting off with one that I could listen to over and over, especially in dark dreary weather. New Order's full version of "Elegia" (Warning: The Song is 17 minutes plus, but I think it's worth the download). A lovely prog song that I can never tire of for some reason or another. Moog Cookbook bring out the space rock in Tom Petty's "Free Falling". The Posies are up next with a charming track off their new album "Every Kind of Light". The Jaun Maclean's album is coming out soon and this is a selection from it which reminds me of minimal/experimental disco. "In The Afternoon". I guess I am in a proggy mood or somethin' because the last is a selection from Aphrodite's Child album "666" which is supposed to be a "soundtrack" to the Apocolypse of John. Here is some background story behind the album and the Apocolypse of John. Everyone enjoy the music before the world ends.

Experimental 1. New Order "Elegia (Full Version)"

Experimental 2. The Moog Cookbook "Free Falling"

Indie 3. The Posies "Last Crawl"

Experimental Disco? 4. The Juan Maclean "In The Afternoon"

Experimental Rock 5. Aprhodite's Child "Babylon"

More 2 Come kthx

M@++13, b@1 b@1

PS: The New Order track should be working now.

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